A Fresh Layout for a Fresh Look

Not only does this book have to be laid out perfectly but also impress readers. Organization was the main key for this project. Because any confusion in understanding the Ingredients or Directions may result in a dish that at least does not taste good.

To convey the healthy and organic vibe of the recipes I used a premium font that evokes “natural and organic” feeling. Colors, borders, dividers were used to clearly indicate headings, sub-headings and sections.

The result—a few hundreds copies sold within a few days and so many positive feedbacks.

Reader’s First Impressions

Readers who bought this book shared their first impression. Here are some:

…And I loved the vibrant colors that makes you crave every dish in there! This book is a keeper!
— Farida AL-RimawiNutizonia

…Plus the layout is so friendly and colorful. Love it. I also love how organized it is lol but that was expected since it’s your book 🙂seriously super organized and easy to follow!…
Mahy ElaminTwo Purple Figs

Client’s Testimonial:

“I was so delighted to find Minhaj. He went above and beyond in what was required for this job. His editorial skills are excellent and his organizational skills were crucial to the success of this project. Most of all, his design aesthetic ensured that our final product – an ebook cookbook- was beautiful throughout and the cover is so inviting. A complete pleasure to work with Minhaj from beginning to end.”
Robyn Gleason, Simply Fresh Dinners