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The Inventor’s Roadmap

Project Description

The Inventor’s Roadmap is a marketing brochure prepared by Marc Vinson to promote his consulting services. He contacted me to design a beautiful cover and layout to present his services to potential customers in a visually interesting way.

What I Did

This brochure will mainly be viewed on computer. So I needed to choose a size that looks great on different screen sizes. Images have been used to further imply the meaning of the text.

“Everything about this experience with Minhaj was perfect. He was fast, efficient, handled what I asked for, and also went beyond what I needed him to do without taking any longer than expected. His work was well worth it and I doubled his fee, even though he didn’t ask for it. And it was worth every penny.”

Marc Vinson, Run Success LLC

Want to hire me?

I’ve been working with design and marketing agencies for the past 3 years as an independent contractor creating both print and digital designs successfully. If you want to hire me please send me an email at

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