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Simply Fresh Dinners by Robyn Gleason

Project Description

Simply Fresh Dinners is a cookbook developed by Robyn Gleason that contains about 30+ delicious recipes. The client asked me to create an eye-catching cover and page layout for this book so it makes people interested to buy.

The Challenge

The client first wanted to design the book through Blurb. But I suggested to use a professional publishing tool like Adobe InDesign. Because it will help to create an unique layout and give a lot of customization ability that can not be done through Blurb. She accepted my suggestion. The biggest challenge for me was to create a well-balanced layout that looks just beautiful. Because the amount of texts and images were not equal throughout the book.

What I Did

Since this ebook will be sold, It has to be high quality. Keeping that in mind I came up with a two column layout that balanced out the text and images nicely. The images were taken and edited by the author. There were a few extras that I had to design also like the Monthly Meal Plan, Grocery List etc. At the end, the result was a beautiful ebook from cover throughout the inner pages that both my client and readers loved.

Take it from one of the readers of the book:

I am enjoying your fabulous book!!! I can’t get enough of it. it’s just perfect Robyn! So easy to read, so many tips and gorgeous photos! Plus the layout is so friendly and colorful. Love it. I also love how organized it is lol but that was expected since it’s your book 🙂 seriously super organized and easy to follow! I am still on page 30 and just thought I’d tell you how amazing it is!
Mahy Elamin, Two Purple Figs

“I was so delighted to find Minhaj. He went above and beyond in what was required for this job. His editorial skills are excellent and his organizational skills were crucial to the success of this project. Most of all, his design aesthetic ensured that our final product–an ebook cookbook was beautiful throughout and the cover is so inviting. A complete pleasure to work with Minhaj from beginning to end.”

Robyn Gleason, Simply Fresh Dinners

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