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Product Disclosure Statement for House Buyers United

Project Description

House Buyers United Fund is an investment fund managed by H.B.U. Investments Limited. I was contacted by its one of the directors Denis Baulsom to design their Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). It was a legal document that they give to their customers.

In client’s word:

“The job was to re-create a 70-page legal document, prepared by our lawyers and delivered to us in a word document, and turn it into a marketing journal. This was a job that required a high level of design skill and imagination. There was no room for error.”

The Challenge

Designing this document was a challenging task for me. Because I was not allowed to change anything even a punctuation in the document. Everything the lawyers put in the document should remain as it is. Also it should look cohesive with their brand and easy to understand. Moreover, the document should not exceed more than 72 pages to keep printing cost low.

In client’s words:

“Frankly, I don’t know how the end result could have been any better – it was perfect. This was a legal document, much like a contract – but it also needed to have an appeal for marketing purposes. (So, a legal document to be used for marketing – impossible, right?). It had to have 100% accuracy – there was absolutely no tolerance for errors.”

What I Did

First, I sketched out a few layouts on paper and selected one that best serve the purpose of the project. It was a text heavy document. So I paid careful attention to content hierarchy and typographic details to make the document easy to read and understand. The illustrations in the document were done by another illustrator.

In client’s words:

“Minhaj created one of the best documents I have ever experienced. Even now I look at it and marvel at what he created – and the feedback is so do the people we give copies to. This document has made us stand out among other businesses. I cannot imagine how this job could have been handled better.”

The Application Form

House Buyers United Fund is required to provide an application form along with the Product Disclosure Statement. So I had to design the application form as well. I suggested them to make the form pages perforated so it can be teared off easily. I also made the form electronically fillable. So people can fill it out from their computer.

“It was a fantastic experience working with Minhaj—the communication was almost like having a conversation. Minhaj asked a million questions and they were all relevant to the job at hand. He went to the effort to absolutely understand what we needed. And then delivered it. Never before have I encountered someone who went to so much time and trouble to understand the project, it’s requirements along with it’s limitations. Every point I raised was attended to with astonishing detail. And relevant and useful suggestions were raised and mostly accepted.”

Denis Baulsom, House Buyers United

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