H.B.U. Investments Limited created a unique investment scheme (“the product” in this case) in the highly regulated financial market of Australia. For this a legal document—much like a contract—was developed by their lawyers.

It also needed to have an appeal for marketing purposes since they are not allowed to market by any other means.

A Different Approach

Legal documents feel boring to read. To counter that we took a different approach  so it looks visually interesting, not boring. The goal was to create enough interest so people want to find out more about the product.

By using fun illustrations deliberately throughout the document and creating a well-defined layout, we have been able to accomplish that goal successfully.

“Even now I look at it and marvel at what he created – and the feedback is so do the people we give copies to. This document has made us stand out among other businesses.”

The Application Form

An application form was designed to be included at the end of this document. I suggested to make the form pages perforated-edge so it can easily be teared off from the document and submitted.

Also an interactive PDF version of it was created so people who obtain this from HBU’s website can fill out the form from their computer without printing.


“He went to the effort to absolutely understand what we needed. And then delivered it. Never before have I encountered someone who went to so much time and trouble to understand the project, it’s requirements along with it’s limitations. Every point I raised was attended to with astonishing detail. And relevant and useful suggestions were raised and mostly accepted.”

— Denis Baulsom, House Buyers United Fund

Illustration Credit: Emanuel Vasquez